OBITUARY: Mr Ratan Lal Yadav, Wild Buffalo Tracker

WTI Commences Training Workshop on Human-Wildlife Interface for Probationers of the Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy

WTI and Elephant Family Organise Annual Planning-cum-Review Meeting of Green Corridor Champions in Assam

J&K Department of Wildlife Protection and WTI Conduct Training Workshops on Human-Wildlife Conflict Mitigation

IFAW-WTI Provides Ex-Gratia Support to Family of Forest Guard Killed during Fire-fighting Operation in Bandipur

Wild Buffalo Shows Marked Improvement a Month after In Situ Treatment by CWRC MVS Team

Birth of Fawn Marks New Beginning for Eastern Swamp Deer Translocated Under 2nd Phase of WTI-ONGC Project

IFAW-WTI Conducts Workshop on Offence Report Writing for Frontline Staff in Manas National Park

MVS Team Helps Provide Conflict Leopard Safe Passage Back to the Wild in Jorhat

IFAW-WTI Conducts Conservation Awareness Session in Collaboration with Kaziranga Study Centre, JDSG College

Immunisation Drive for Domestic Animals Conducted In Fringe Villages of Pakke Tiger Reserve

Veterinarians Trained in Wildlife Management, Human-animal Conflict Mitigation at Mudumalai Tiger Reserve

Western Hoolock Gibbon Pair Shifted from CWRC to Pre-release Site in Panbari Reserve Forest

Recent Pup Rescue Bolsters the Proposition that Gujarat Coastal Waters May be Whale Shark Breeding Grounds 

Women Weavers from Done Valley Receive Certificates on Completion of STEP Training in Moonj Grass Handicrafts

IFAW-WTI Conducts First-ever CDR Analysis Training for Wildlife Enforcement Officials in Bhutan

MVS Unit, Odisha Forest Department Rescue Russell’s Viper from 30-foot Well in Similipal Biosphere Reserve

Green Corridor Champions root for ‘Right of Passage’ for elephants in Assam

Scientists, Fishing Communities Come Together to Conserve the Mithapur Coral Reef 

How Awareness Activities in Jaipur Aided Avian Conservation during the Festival of Makar Sankranti

CWRC MVS Team Chemically Restrains, Treats Injured Conflict Wild Buffalo 

Kannur Kandal Project: Mangrove Awareness Camp Organised for Schoolchildren on World Wetlands Day

How WTI-ONGC’s Skill Development Training for Nature Guides in Sultanpur Can Help Save Wetlands in Delhi

IFAW-WTI Conducts Wildlife Crime Prevention Training for Frontline Staff in Haa, Bhutan

WTI and JTEF Conduct Improved Livestock Management Camp at New Ram Terang

RAP Addresses Human-Leopard Conflict and Fall in Leopard Numbers in Rajasthan’s Jaipur District

Workshop to Sensitise Judges and Prosecuting Officers about Wildlife Protection Laws Held at Uttarakhand Judicial and Legal Academy

Chilla-Motichur Corridor Free of Human Habitation, #RightOfPassage Secured for Elephants and other Wildlife

WTI and Odisha Government Hold First Review and Monitoring Meeting for OSCOW-MAG

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Photo of the Week!

Photo: Gaurav Barhodiya/WTI/10.03.17




It is heartening that while the olive ridleys are facing manifold threats worldwide, the coast of Odisha has been successful in meeting their expectations, writes Rudra Prasanna Mahpatra. Read more
On the evening of February 7, the Conservator of Forests - Bareilly and the Divisional Forest Officer - Pilibhit Tiger Reserve (Wildlife) called to inform us about a crisis situation: two people had been killed and another injured in tiger attacks t Read more
Attitudes towards wildlife, both ugly and enlightened, rise to the fore in conflict cases. Sudheer KS and Nagaraj Bhat share their experiences of both. Read more
Approaching an angry tiger on elephant back is never a good idea but the situation demanded the risk. As the elephants moved forward, the tiger turned towards us. The elephant I was on was bang in front of it. By Dr Samshul Ali Read more
Amguri Village, Nagaon District, Assam, October 20, 2016: A wild tusker was treated for suspected food poisoning – either from primary or secondary sources – by a Mobile Veterinary Service (MVS) unit of CWRC. Read more
Late last month a WTI team successfully tranquilised and captured a male tiger, a designated man-eater who would otherwise have been put down. A first-person account of that entire operation by one of our intrepid men on the ground, Achintya Tripathi Read more
It was one of the happiest moments of my life: the sight of a tiny serpent head peeping out from a cracked eggshell in the makeshift incubation crate we had created for its giant mother and all her eggs. Read more
Under the Pakke Conservation Project, the Centre for Bear Rehabilitation and Conservation (CBRC) is the first specialised rehabilitation centre for Asiatic black bears in India. Supported by the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), the centre was established jointly by the Arunachal Pradesh Forest Department, International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) and Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) in 2002, with an aim to rehabilitate displaced cubs back into the wild.
West Coast Marine Conservation Project in Gujarat has two components -- the Whale Shark Conservation Project and the Coral Reef Recovery Project. A joint venture of the Gujarat Forest Department, Tata Chemicals Limited and WTI, the project activities involve scientific studies of whale sharks through photo-identification, genetic analysis and satellite tagging. Moreover, the Coral Reef Recovery Project seeks to develop and implement appropriate strategies for the conservation of Mithapur reef.
The Udanti Wild Buffalo Recovery Project aims to stabilise the wild buffalo population in Udanti Wildlife Sanctuary, Chhattisgarh by implementing a number of ex situ and in situ interventions.

In a major boost to combating wildlife crimes, for the first time in India, Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) with support of Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB) has developed an Android based smartphone application wherein users can report wildlife crimes from anywhere across the country using their phones. The app also has an integrated digital version of the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972 and was formally handed over to WCCB on November 3, 2014.


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M.Sc. in Wildlife Conservation

The great cormorant has been admired and reviled (and in some cultures, employed) through history for its splendid fishing abilities. Gaurav Barhodiya spotted this one at Keoladeo National Park, Rajasthan.
Rudra Prasanna Mahapatra captures the comings and goings of olive ridley sea turtles during the arribada, in terms of sheer numbers the greatest wildlife show in India, at Rushikulya beach, Odisha.
Besieged by habitat destruction, the illegal pet trade and the local consumption of its meat and eggs, the Assam roofed turtle is classified as endangered. Sahil Choksi spotted these rare specimens near a creek in Kaziranga.
A herd of elephants asserts #RightOfPassage across a jungle jeep trail, protecting two calves in its midst. Photographed in Kaziranga National Park by Rupa Gandhi Chaudhury.
The Himalayan bulbul is known by its bubbly song, bright white cheeks, yellow undertail coverts and a sweeping dark crest that always looks like it's just been styled. Harsha Doriya spotted this one in Corbett National Park.
'You wouldn't like me when I'm angry', this common green forest lizard warned one of his conspecifics, his head turning red at the other's proximity. Amrit Menon witnessed the exchange en route to Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka.
A New Year’s day photograph of the uncommon Ladakh Urial, taken by Dr Mayukh Chatterjee near the Shey monastery outside Leh town.
A gray langur, photographed by Prerna Panwar in Satpura TR. After your bright-hued hallucinations have had their night, may you awake in the New Year agile and blessed with canopies to climb to and limbs to be out on.
Rajvansh Kumar found this green bee-eater on a prickly perch during a nilgai rescue at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi
Achintya Tripathi happened upon this royal feast at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. As he waited and watched, this tigress, a full-grown tiger, and a cub all came up to the slain gaur by turn and had their fill.
The common palm civet is mostly nocturnal, largely arboreal and very partial to the sweet sap of palm flowers, earning it the sobriquet of ‘toddy cat’. Abhijeet Bayani spotted this one on the western edge of Tadoba-Andhari TR
From the Greek word for cuttlefish ('sepia') comes the colour of old photographs and tinted selfies. Praveen Kumar captures this Common Cuttlefish in a different hue, wrapped in emerald by the waters off Mithapur.
Achintya Tripathi captures the gigantic sense of awe an elephant evokes among the smaller folk attending the annual Sonepur Cattle Fair in Bihar, where WTI has run a health camp for captive elephants for over a decade.
Never mind the name, Pallas's fish eagles aren't averse to waterfowl for dinner -- often performing impressive weightlifting feats while grabbing them off the water. Upasana Ganguly found this one feasting in Kaziranga NP.
Abhishek Narayanan captures the chiaroscuro of a Boulenger's Indian Gecko in Amboli, Maharashtra.
A tusker seems to wave goodbye to Nagaraj Bhat, fellow tramper of jungle paths, as he heads towards deep forest in the Kundakere range of Bandipur Tiger Reserve.
A pair of collared scops owls found snoozing in Bandhavgarh National Park by Amrit Menon. The live sacrifice of owls at the altar of superstition continues each year on Diwali, casting a black shadow on this auspicious day.
A metallic jumping spider (Siler semiglaucus) dances on Dr Shantanu Kalambi's fingertip at a field camp in the Omkara range, Bandipur Tiger Reserve.
A mother elephant with her calf beside her, photographed by Subhamoy Bhattacharjee at the Lakhoojan Tea Estate in Assam. Increasing deforestation has made such plantations secondary habitats for wild elephants across India.
Indian wild dogs are beautiful and badass predators, though it sometimes seems they aren't 'sexy' enough to get the conservation attention they deserve. Dr Mayukh Chatterjee found this one posing atop a rock in Bandipur NP.
Rupa Gandhi Chaudhary ran into these Central Indian Barasingha bros, one slightly the worse for wear, at a watering hole in Kanha Tiger Reserve.
This Indian Chameleon, perhaps on a crawl to someplace where the bugs are always juicy and you don't have to change colour to fit in, seems disgruntled at having been caught in Dr Khanin Changmai's camera flash at Similpal TR
Changeable hawk-eagles perch bolt upright on the boughs of tall trees, keeping a sharp lookout for prey. In Dudhwa NP, Prem Chandra Pandey captures the tail-end of what usually happens when they spot something tasty.
The transformation of their forests into farms and other human-use lands make Lion-tailed Macaques ponder the serious questions of existence. Amrit Menon found this pensive fellow in the Vazhachal Forest Division, Kerala.
The best stealth predator among Indian big cats isn't altogether spotted even when you do spot it. (Since most of its body is covered in rosettes, geddit?) This one struck a pose for Prerna Panwar in Satpura NP.
Kipling was dismissive of jackals in his famous law of the jungle for wolves, but they have their own ways of prospering. Indu Kumari found this magnificent specimen in Pench Tiger Reserve -- Mowgli country.
Mud, bark, paper, a lot of saliva, and the most meticulous division of labour - that's the secret behind this construction crew's success. These greater banded hornets were observed at work by Dr Mayukh Chatterjee in Kolkata.
Leonard Cohen's song was about the difficulty of finding freedom in a tethered world. This green bee-eater (photographed by Sanatan Deka at Manas NP) probably thinks that flight, and a steady diet of bees, hold the key.
Indian grey hornbills are found in most parts of India, down from the Himalayan foothills and through the peninsula. This one, photographed by Adrish Poddar, finds its chill above Rajaji National Park in Uttarakhand.
Where are spotted deer to be spotted after a hard day of browsing and evading predators? At the nearest watering hole with their mates, of course. Photographed by Dr Jahan Ahmed at Mudumalai National Park, Tamil Nadu.
Environmental policies, poachers, dwindling prey... This tiger shrugs it all off to find a moment of utter contentment. Photographed by Nagaraj Bhat in Nagarhole Tiger Reserve, Karnataka.
Leaf Me Alone
Jumping spiders are among the fastest and most agile arthropods, but like this one photographed by Amrit Menon in Chalakudy, Kerala, spend most of their time under cover, stalking prey and avoiding the attention of predators.
The Horned Indian Photo-bomber
A chital stag seems to want in on this blackbuck portrait being taken by Nagaraj Bhatt in Nagarhole National Park
Why so serious?
Indian nightjar caught on camera by Sahil Choksi in Pench National Park.
Golden Glow
A hog deer glowing in the sunshine clicked by Upasana Ganguly on her visit to Kaziranga National Park.Hog deer are among the worst affected animals when floods hit the park during monsoons.
I Spy
A stingray in camouflage clicked by Praveen Kumar on his dive at Mithapur reef in Gujarat. Stingrays when inactive, remain partially buried in sand, tough to spot.
Walking in the Wild
Nothing better than being together, Beautiful family moment captured by Sanatan Deka at Manas National Park, Assam.
Superstar spotted
This beautiful shot of the Starry Puffer fish (Arothron stellatus) was captured by Praveen Kumar during his dive at the Mithapur reef restoration area in Gujarat.
The bird sprinkler tree
Two flocks of Blue-tailed bee eaters (Merops Philipinus) caught in a well timed shot at Corbett National Park, as they continuously competed for roosting spots on a single tree, swiftly flying in and out.
The Wandering Violin
The wandering violin (Gongylus gongylodes) is also the name of this rare Praying Mantis species. It is so called because of its violin shaped forewings. This specimen was photographed at the Bandipur NP, Karnataka.
Go for the Kill
Photo of the Week by Prafulla Bhambhurkar whose timing was perfect when he shot the forest's apex predator with his fresh kill in Pench Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra.
To a new future !
Photo of the Week by Sunil Kyarong who captured a clear shot of a hoolock gibbon during its translocation in Lohit district, Arunachal Pradesh.
Hooded Glory!
Photo of the Week by Rudra Mahapatra who shot the majestic spectacled cobra in all its hooded glory after being rescued and released by WTI's MVS Similipal, Odisha.
Leave me Alone
WTI's social scientist Sanatan Deka caught this Capped Langur in its habitat at Manas National Park.
Two to Tango
Pair of Indian Ocean humpback dolphins photographed by Praveen Kumar during field work off the coast of Mithapur, Gujarat.
Where Have All The Trees Gone..
Photo of the Week by WTI's Dr Mayukh Chatterjee who on a field visit to Tadoba Tiger Reserve caught a lovely shot of a common tree frog who sitting on a tree seemed to be looking at the vast treeless expanse of the forest.
Bird Watch
WTI's RP Mishra photographed this Malabar pied hornbill in Pench Tiger Reserve, MP. This species has black plumage, apart from its white belly, throat patch, tail sides and trailing edge to the wings.
Black & White
WTI's Samir Sinha photographed this Asian water monitor during his trip to Sunderbans Tiger Reserve. Water monitors are one of the most common monitor lizards found throughout Asia.
Perfect Symmetry!
On his visit to Bakhira Bird Sanctuary near Gorakhpur, UP, Vivek Menon captured this beautiful sarus crane in flight. With natural wetlands disappearing, the sarus population has seen a considerable decline over the years
Center of Attention!
Akash Bisht beautifully captures this hard ground swamp deer in Kanha Tiger Reserve. The herd was heading towards a water body to feed on aquatic plants.
Long Walk Home!
Subhamoy Bhattacharjee captures hand-raised Asiatic black bear cubs walk with animal keepers at the acclimatisation site in Pakke Tiger Reserve, Arunachal Pradesh. Four cubs would soon be released back into the wild.
Giant snorkelers!
The Ganges soft shell turtle is a 'no surprise' sighting in even small rivers such as the Suheli near Dudhwa NP, despite being heavily traded for their flesh and shells across international boundaries.
Droseral Death!
Dr RP Mishra photographed this rare insectivorous plant, Sundews (Drosera spatulata), at Temorpingla WLS in Chhattisgarh.
On the Lookout !
On a visit to Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve Soumya Das Gupta captured this beautiful jungle cat who seemed to be on the lookout.
A Dash of Colour
WTI's Indu Kumari found this beautiful scaly-bellied woodpecker perched on a tree when she was visiting Kashmir. The flurry of green, grey and red on the plumage makes it one of the most attractive birds in the region.
Batesian Mimicry
Rudra Mahapatra rescued this Indian wolf snake from Bhubaneswar in Odisha. Often confused with common krait, its resemblance to a venomous species is considered as an instance of Batesian mimicry.
Blue-Eyed Babies!
Dr Bhaskar Choudhury photographed these rescued leopard cubs being hand-raised at CWRC in Kaziranga NP.
Simian Glow!
Photo of the Week by R.P Mishra who got a good shot of a hanuman langur with a beautiful glow in Panna TIger Reserve.
A New Beginning!
This adult male gibbon was photographed by Radhika Bhagat when she had gone with IFAW-WTI team to translocate a gibbon family from a discontinuous canopy cover to a lush green habitat in Arunachal Pradesh.
Tiger in the Spotlight!
During the recently held awareness programme for school children of Nagzira Navegaon corridor in Maharashtra, WTI's Anil Nair photographed this beautiful rangoli made by a student. This rangoli was among the winners.
Shining Bright!
Sanatan Deka captured this common hill myna shining brightly in its vibrant black and yellow hues near IFAW-WTI's MVS-Western Assam, Charaikhola.
Born to Fly!
During a field visit to Sutrapada in Gujarat, WTI's Prem Jothi captured this sea gull trying to land on the sea. And much to his joy, the sea gull made a perfect landing.
Inverted Colonialism
Amrit Menon captured a colony of fulvous fruit bats at Agarsen ki Baoli in Delhi. "Very noisy and smelling of fermented fruit, these bats roost in mixed colonies although juveniles roost singly," Vivek Menon, Indian Mammals
The Young & the Old Floored by the Tiger
Anil K Nair photographed this old man and child during a rangoli competition which was part of an awareness campaign conducted by WTI for corridor dependent villages in Nagzira-Navegaon
Bond of Love
Subhamoy Bhattacharjee beautifully captured the bond between hand raised rhino calves Purabi and Dwimalu at the boma in Manas National Park.
This rare rusty spotted cat was captured by Nagaraj Bhat after she was rescued and treated by WTI's MVS team in Bandipur Tiger Reserve
Mama Mia!
Dr Sandeep Kumar Tiwari captured this family of elephants in Kaziranga National Park. One of the calves can be seen suckling on mum.
Flood Fury
While assessing the damage done by floods in Kaziranga National Park this year, Dr Rathin Barman saw these two elephants crossing deep waters in search of high ground.
Born Free
A spotted pond turtle was recently brought to CWRC and released back into the wild. Subhamoy Bhattachrjee took this photo after the turtle was released
Horror of Floods
This picture by Rathin Barman of a hog deer stuck in the flooded Kaziranga National Park in year 2012 is evocative of the horror of floods.
Aren't I Stunning!
Aftab Ahmed was lucky to click this beautiful Atlas moth (Attacus atlas), the world's largest moth at CWRC -- the IFAW-WTI run wildlife rescue centre near Kaziranga NP.
I am finally here!
New born Kiran was sleeping peacefully when Dr R P Mishra took this picture. Born in March this year Kiran was the much awaited first naturally born female calf to the only surviving female wild buffalo in Chhattisgarh.
The Hitchhiker
Jose Louies captured the perfect moment of a rufous treepie hitching a ride on a surprised spotted deer's back at Pench Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh.
Baby in my Care
Animal keeper Prashanta Das was lovingly looking at the newly arrived elephant calf in his care, when Aniruddha Mookerjee captured this beautiful moment at IFAW-WTI run Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation & Conservation (CWRC)
If Eyes Could Kill
Daoharu Baro, Veterinary Surgeon with WTI's Western Assam MVS, found these two leopard cats inside a refuge den and couldn't resist capturing it on camera, These two cats were released at Choraikhola in Assam by the WTI team.
Mother's Pride
WTI's Field Assistant, Debojit Saikia, photographed Ganga and her recently born calf in Manas. This is her second calf. Ganga, a rescued rhino, was handraised at CWRC and released in Manas to repopulate the region with rhinos
Goat That!
Adrish Poddar took this photo of a Himalayan goral in Himachal Pradesh where he was working on WTI's Cheer Pheasant Conservation Project.
Stalking the Stalker!
While returning from Navegaon-Kanha corridor identification visit in Maharashtra, WTI's Prafulla Bhambhurkar spotted this gorgeous leopard sitting next to the National Highway-6.
Hunt is On
Abhishek Narayanan spotted this beautiful Ceylon cat snake at midnight in Amboli Maharashtra. The snake was waiting for its next meal when he was captured on camera
The Lone Ranger
Dr Rishi Kumar captured this magnificent tusker on one of his excursions in Kaziranaga National Park. The animal had just come out of water when this photo was taken.
The Thoughtful King!
Dr Aniruddha Majumder caught the king of the jungle in a thoughtful pose in Pench Tiger Reserve.
Long March to Freedom
WTI's Sajan John captured this olive ridley hatchling on camera when it was crawling towards the sea at the Rushikulya mass nesting beach in Odisha.
Angel's Perch
Sanatan Deka took this shot of a chestnut-tailed starling in Manas Reserve Forest.
Sleeping Beauty
Today on Endangered Species Day we bring you this photo of a bear cub recently rescued from Assam. Dr Panjit Basumatary took this shot when the bear cub was sleeping and cuddling a pillow as if it was his mother.
Casting a Shadow
Dr Prajna Paramita Panda captured this pond heron waiting to go for the kill in Ranthambore TR.
Water:Elixir of Life
Dr Krishnendu Mondal took this shot of a tigress (ST-3) drinking from a water hole in Sariska TR in Rajasthan. This tigress was relocated from Ranthmbore TR after poachers had wiped out the entire tiger population of Sariska.
Walk On
Akash Bisht caught up with this pair of sarus cranes while placing camera traps for a leopard that has been seen at the NTPC campus in Delhi NCR.
A Splash of Orange, Black and Cream !
This beautiful hornbill in all it's glory was captured by Debahutee Roy in Arunachal Pradesh.
Two to Tango
Dr RP Mishra took this photo of spotted owlet in Udanti-Sitanadi TR.
For Your Eyes Only
WTI's field officer, Ramith M, caught this frog (Raorchestes signatus) on his camera in Craigmore, Tamil Nadu, in 2011. This species is endemic to the Western Ghats.
On the Lookout
While driving in the frozen landscape of Ladakh, Sahil Choksi saw this marmot basking the sun on the road.
Into the Wild
As part of the restocking programme, 12 critically endangered zoo bred gharials were released in the Gandak River, Valmiki Tiger Reserve in Bihar to ensure recovery of gharial population.
MAC3: Let the proceedings begin!
Shri Prakash Javadekar, Union Minister for Environment and Forests & Climate Change, lighting the ceremonial diya and inaugurating the Minding Animals III conference in New Delhi.
Deer O Dear
Eastern swamp deer being translocated from Kaziranga NP to Manas NP on a truck.
Take a look around
Rajvansh captured these nilgais on his camera when WTI team was translocating them from New Delhi's IGI Airport to Asola WLS. A total of 5 nilagis were shifted by WTI to a safe second home.
Soak up the sun
Dr Mayukh Chatterjee on his field trip to Dudhwa National Park saw this mammoth crocodile soaking the hot winter sun on the banks of a river. WTI runs the UP Big Cat Conflict Mitigation Project in Dudhwa.
Eyes wide open
A Slender-billed vulture and Himalayan griffon were treated for suspected poisoning at IFAW-WTI run CWRC. The duo has been released and is now back in the wild.
A Shoulder to Lean Upon
In continuation with our Founder's Day Celebrations, here is a wonderful selfie of WTI's ED & CEO, Vivek Menon and Ashok Kumar, Founder, Trustee & Chairman Emeritus.
16 years in service of nature!
16.11.1998 - 16.11. 2014 : 16 years in service of nature. Celebrating Wildlife Trust of India's Founder's Day.
The wind beneath my wings...
This marvelous picture was taken by Dr Rathin Barman, in 2006, when this stunning Himalayan griffon was being released at the Bansbari Range of Manas National Park near Rhino Camp.
Hiding in plain sight
A lone chital stag standing in all his fierceness in Kanha National Park, clicked by Mukesh Pathania.
Got a good angle?
Clicked by Achintya Tripathi in Kanha National Park, the tiger seems to have stopped to show off his best angle for the camera. Incidentally, this tiger was also the first sighted during WTI's Triannual Planning Meeting 2014!
Wallowing in the Waters
Rehabilitated rhino Raja was clearly enjoying his time in the water, when Anjan Sangma clicked him ! Raja was rescued in 2008 from Kaziranga National Park and released in 2013. He is now being monitored by radio telemetry.
Basking in the sun
Clicked in Gujarat, this star tortoise (Geochelone elegans) was clearly enjoying lazing in the sun as Divya Bhardwaj shot his best angles!
Girl Power in a Row!
Meet the cute new girls (front to back) Dhemaji, Ghajani, Karbi and Kumari at IFAW-WTI Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation, Assam. Photo by Dr Panjit Basumatary/ IFAW-WTI
Beautifully captured in Kaziranga NP a male Eastern swamp deer looking majestic with his shiny new antlers. WTI with it's partners has been running the Eastern Swamp Deer Conservation Project in Kaziranga NP since 2011.
Black-Naped Hare
A Black-Naped Hare in Bandipur Tiger Reserve
Stopping for a drink
Jose Louies was in the right place at the right time when this bonnet macaque decided to stop and have a drink in Aathirapally Waterfall, Kerala, South India.
Don't mind me here...
A tokay gecko peeking from behind a door in CBRC, Pakke. These geckos, though not listed in the IUCN Redlist, are seriously threatened by trade.
Just hanging around...
Fruit bats in Jasrota Wildlife Sanctuary in Jammu, clicked by Mansoor Nabi Sofi.
A delicate balance
A green grass blade supporting morning dew with sparkling golden sun shine on ventral side and an emerging life through freshly laid yellowish egg of a Pale Grass Blue Butterfly (Pseudozizeeria maha) on the dorsal side.
Am I not dashing?
Clicked by Prem Chandra Pandey in the heart of the Dudhwa Range of the Dudhwa National Park, this jackal strikes a pose just for him!
Pucker up!
A beautifully shot of a green vine snake taken by WTI's Regional Head (South India) Jose Louies.
May I please go out and play with my friends?
Probably one of the most popular keepers with the animals, at the IFAW-WTI run CWRC, Prasanta Das is being reminded by Kumari the calf that it's time for her to go and play with her other four-legged friends!
Seven feet long Trinket Snake rescued in Odisha
Seven feet long, Common Trinket Snake (Coelognathus helena Helena) rescued at Udala Range. The maximum recorded length is 5.8 feet. WTI with the Forest Department has started MVS operations in Similipal Tiger Reserve.
Chestnut Shouldered Petronia
A yellow throated sparrow frequently seen in the Nagzira-Nawegaon corridor. This photo was shot near Jambhalapani village in Gondia, which is one of the sites under the Central India Tiger Conservation Project.
Look at me.. I am so tough!
Adorable little Oliver the otter at IFAW-WTI CWRC, when he was around 4-months old. Orphaned during last year's flood in Kaziranga, day-old Oliver was found floating on hyacinth leaves and brought to the centre.
I know you'll keep me safe...
The photo was taken right after this little Eastern hoolock gibbon baby was 'rescued' along with his parents from the Dello village in Roing, Arunachal Pradesh. All three were safely translocated to Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary.
Babies day out!
Meet Dhemaji. Rescued from the muds in Dhemaji district of Assam after being abandoned by the herd, she now enjoys the company of the other two calves in CWRC and goes frolicking with them in the open grass fields!
Yes I'm cuter than you! :P
This photo epitomises the bond between bear cubs & keepers in the IFAW-WTI Asiatic black bear rehab project. Acting as surrogate mothers, keepers teach the cubs necessary skills on how to survive in the wild on their own.
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