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Our priorities: the Big Ideas

i.        Wild Lands: To secure critical habitats outside the traditional PA system, especially habitat linkages, wetlands, grasslands, community reserves, Important Bird Areas and sacred groves, thereby increasing the effective protected area of India by 1%.
ii.       Wild Aid: To provide at least 500 short term, focused and innovative aid at times of emergencies and conservation issues so as to nip problems in the bud and provide game changing solutions to age old problems.

iii.      Enforcement and Law: To combat key wildlife crime using trade control, litigation and capacity building techniques that demonstrably reduce poaching or trade in at least a dozen species or habitats.
iv.       Communities for Conservation: Reduce the dependence of at least a dozen local communities on wildlife or their habitats through ecologically appropriate livelihoods and people's participation in conservation.
Awareness for Conservation: Create a positive and measurable change in people's perceptions to improve the conservation and welfare of wildlife in India with at least a dozen planned campaigns.

vi.       Wild Rescue and Conflict Mitigation:
To increase the welfare of individual displaced animals while enhancing conservation and pioneering science based rehabilitation, conflict mitigation and wildlife health across India and in doing so to save at least 5000 lives in the decade.

vii.     Species Recovery: To recover populations of at least six threatened species or sub-species by lowering their national or global status of threat through direct conservation action.

viii.     Carbon and Forests: To enhance carbon sequestration and biodiversity along with reduction in emissions in six selected sites in a wildlife landscape in partnership with local communities.

ix.     Protected Area Recovery: To improve existing functionality of six selected Protected Areas (PAs) and restore their ecological integrity.

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