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ERN : Working Together For Wildlife

The Emergency Relief Network (ERN) is an initiative of the Wildlife Trust of India (WTI), partnered by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), to bring on one common platform, the rehabilitators working for India’s wildlife.

What Is Wildlife Rehabilitation?

"Wildlife rehabilitation is defined as the humane care and treatment of injured, diseased, or orphaned native wild species for subsequent release to appropriate wild habitats. Each animal is examined, diagnosed and treated through an individually tailored program of veterinary care, hospital care, feeding, medicating, physical therapy, exercising and pre-release conditioning. Releases are planned for appropriate weather, season, habitat and location.”

What Is ERN?

Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) is developing a network of wildlife rehabilitators working in India who would like to rehabilitate distressed wildlife through ERN. ERN is an association of team of people whose expertise on the skill of rehabilitation can be utilised to reach out to rehabilitators in different parts of the country. This team of trained rehabilitators, of people and organizations, can exchange, share and contribute their knowledge and professional skills to save wildlife for the cause of conservation. Ideally, ERN would like to get a commitment from wildlife rehabilitators spread in different parts of the country to address emergency situations as and when a need arises. Because ERN is in the planning stage, we would appreciate your comments.


  • Highlight the role of the emerging field of wildlife rehabilitation and address the conservation needs.
  • Share and exchange skill, knowledge and work ideas relating to husbandry, management and veterinary techniques of wildlife rehabilitation.
  • Educate professionals and amateurs about wildlife needs and on-field problems and means to tackle it.
  • Allay any information anxiety that members may encounter in their day to day work by exchange of information.
  • Mitigate wildlife disasters in India through emergency relief provided by ERN members.
  • Build contacts with peer group professionals and experts. 

Benefits of Being a Part of ERN:

  • Membership in a professional organization lends invaluable credibility to our work as individuals and as a community. By continuing to learn, exchanging information, networking with our colleagues, we collectively elevate rehabilitation, from pursuit to profession.
  • Give professionals rehabilitators an identity of their own and urge them to study and practice the latest scientific techniques available.
  • Offer them a complementary membership to ERN in recognition of their interest and contribution to conservation.
  • A photo and ID- card will be issued to its members.
  • Triannual meetings of ERN members facilitated by experts in the field as and when appropriate.
  • You may well be selected for a training programme on wildlife rehabilitation which is open to one participant every year.
  • Access to monthly electronic newsletter of activities of ERN.

You can join ERN today by:



- *Print and mail the form with your photograph to our office, or 
- Email the completed form & photograph to

The membership does not guarantee financial support from the network organizers, but individuals are welcome to submit proposals seeking funds to attend to wildlife emergencies across the country.

Membership identity:

Membership provides important tools to help you meet the daily challenges of rehabilitation, keep you abreast of developments and give you access to experts world-wide. You will receive:

  • ID card.
  • The ERN Members Directory, providing access to ERN members in India by state, workplace and specialisation.
  • Compendium on studies of wildlife rehabilitation- a special issue on wildlife rehabilitation brought out by WTI.
  • Other rehab papers, publications etc. that may be available from time to time.
For more information contact:

The Emergency Relief Network is an association of people across the country who have the skills to rehabilitate  wildlife in distress. This team of trained rehabilitators, volunteers and organizations, can exchange, share and contribute their knowledge and professional skills to save wildlife in emergency situations as and when a need arises.
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