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Duration: Three weeks. Amur falcons hunted: Zero
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Pangti (Nagaland) October 21, 2013:
Over 3 lakh Amur Falcons have arrived in Nagaland as part of their migratory route through the northeastern state. Squads of ex-hunters and other youth from three villages in Wokha district – Pangti, Sungro and Ashaa – have been patrolling the falcon roosting areas day and night to ensure they are safe.

Remarkably, the squads have recorded, that not a single bird has been killed.

Amur falcons at Doyang Reservoir
Photo by Yuri Pator/WTI

Squads set out every morning to keep an eye on the Amur falcon roosting sites
Photograph by Yuri Pator/WTI

The squads comprising ex-hunters and other youth have been taking turns to 
watch through the day and night .
Photographs by Yuri Pator/WTI

WTI and Natural Nagas started the project to prevent the slaughter of Amur falcons earlier this year, with support from CAF-India in collaboration with Nagaland Forest Department. The Village Council Members of three villages pledged that their respective villages would hunt or kill falcons and made it a punishable offence. This was preceded and followed by a number of awareness campaigns and meetings with the villagers.

Awareness posters have been put up all over the district
Photograph by Ishaan Raghunandan/WTI

As part of the awareness activities being conducted mainly in the three villages, and a few others in the state, the Forest Department in Wokha, along with Pangti Village Students’ Union (PVSU), held a 6.5km-long marathon on Sunday. The Divisional Forest Officer said that this marathon was symbolic of the 22,000 km marathon migration of the Amur Falcons.

Animal Action Education continues to be conducted through the district, with over 40 schools taking part in the programme. A panting competition will soon be held among children between classes 6 and 9 and submitted as a part of a national-level painting competition.

Other awareness activities like film screening, talks in the church on Sundays and meetings with villagers is been carried on in the district.

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