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Duration: Three weeks. Amur falcons hunted: Zero
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Pangti (Nagaland) October 21, 2013:
Over 3 lakh Amur Falcons have arrived in Nagaland as part of their migratory route through the northeastern state. Squads of ex-hunters and other youth from three villages in Wokha district – Pangti, Sungro and Ashaa – have been patrolling the falcon roosting areas day and night to ensure they are safe.

Remarkably, the squads have recorded, that not a single bird has been killed.

Amur falcons at Doyang Reservoir
Photo by Yuri Pator/WTI

Squads set out every morning to keep an eye on the Amur falcon roosting sites

The squads comprising ex-hunters and other youth have been taking turns to
watch through the day and night

Photographs by Yuri Pator/WTI

WTI and Natural Nagas started the project to prevent the slaughter of Amur falcons earlier this year, with support from CAF-India in collaboration with Nagaland Forest Department. The Village Council Members of three villages pledged that their respective villages would hunt or kill falcons and made it a punishable offence. This was preceded and followed by a number of awareness campaigns and meetings with the villagers.

Awareness posters have been put up all over the district
Photograph by Yuri Pator/WTI

As part of the awareness activities being conducted mainly in the three villages, and a few others in the state, the Forest Department in Wokha, along with Pangti Village Students’ Union (PVSU), held a 6.5km-long marathon on Sunday. The Divisional Forest Officer said that this marathon was symbolic of the 22,000 km marathon migration of the Amur Falcons.

Photographs by Yuri Pator/WTI

Animal Action Education continues to be conducted through the district, with over 40 schools taking part in the programme. A panting competition will soon be held among children between classes 6 and 9 and submitted as a part of a national-level painting competition.

Other awareness activities like film screening, talks in the church on Sundays and meetings with villagers is been carried on in the district.

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