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First Time in India an App That Helps in Reporting Wildlife Crimes
New Delhi, November 3, 2014: In a major boost to combating wildlife crimes, for the first time in India, Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) with support of Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB) has developed an Android based smartphone application wherein users can report wildlife crimes from anywhere across the country using their phones. The app also has an integrated digital version of the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972 and was formally handed over to WCCB today on November 3, 2014.

The app being launched by the stalwarts of WTI and WCCB! Photo: WTI

Director, WCCB, Shri S S Garbyal said, “The application provides a secure platform for real time exchange of wildlife crime related information between WCCB and relevant stakeholders. It is also a handy reference tool on the provisions of the Wild Life Protection Act for field level officers. WTI effort will therefore contribute greatly in improving wildlife crime enforcement in the country.”

The main feature of the app is that whenever an individual reports a wildlife crime, the lead will be automatically delivered to a designated email id of WCCB. A cost and time effective tool, the app also has the provision of sending anonymous reports to the WCCB, who will be the sole custodian of the collected information. Also, no details of the person reporting the crime will be shared without the prior consent of the individual. This interactive app has a simple User Interface (UI) and replaces written reporting and records.

Discussing the salient points of the application. Photo: WTI

“WTI will always be striving to improve the present version of the app. Also, a simple catchy name of the app will make it more popular. It is a matter of great satisfaction that through this app, the reporting of wildlife crime has become very easy. However, quick analysis and practical application of information will be necessary to realize full potential of the app.” said Vivek Menon, Executive Director & CEO, WTI.

The app is compatible with devices running on Android Jelly Bean (ver 4.3) or higher and the minimum space requirement is 10 MB and 512 MB of free RAM with a screen size of 4.5” or higher. Users can download updated versions from and

"WTI is in consultation with its international partner IFAW to develop an application for identification of wild animals, and hopefully this aspect will be integrated in the next version of the present app with consent and suggestions of the WCCB," said Dr Jagdish Kishwan, Chief Advisor to the ED&CEO of WTI.

WTI and WCCB celebrating the launch of the app together! Photo: WTI

The app also has a special feature wherein users can type in a keyword to look for specific sections of the Wild Life (Protection) Act 1972. The future versions of the app would have regular wildlife crime news alerts and updates on any amendments/notifications related to the Act. WTI is also working on other versions that are compatible with iOS, Windows and other versions of Android.

A key player in the development of this app, Jose Louies, Head, Trade Control, WTI added, “The development team is already working on the next version which apart from having more features such as a pictorial guide on wildlife protected under various Schedules of the Act, will have a peer-to-peer secure communication facility for enforcement officials for information sharing such as photos of wanted offenders and reports on trends in wildlife crime happening across the country.’’

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