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Animal Action Education
Project Leader:   Rupa Gandhi Chaudhary
Animal Action Education is the largest animal-focused educational activity in the world and draws participation of millions of children world wide. Organised in 18 countries including India, dive into the world of animals as the various packs teach you all you need to know about from elephants and tigers to cats and dogs!


Animal Action Education India has something for everyone!

Annual Painting Competition
The Annual Painting Competition sees entries from thousands of schools across India. Usually theme based, the kids draw what they feel about animals and us. The winners are selected by a panel of esteemed judges and are awarded with a cash prize and certificate.

One of the entries of the 2014 AAE competition.
Click on the image to view more paintings.

Education Packs
If you're a teacher and want to help your students learn more about the animals that co-habitate the world with humans, AAE packs will be the perfect companions for you. You may write to and request for a hard copy of the pack as well. 

For your viewing pleasure
Go here to see the wonderful world of elephants, tigers and more as these education videos tell you all about these magnificent creatures!

About AAE

IFAW's international education initiative, Animal Action Education (AAE), aims to educate, sensitise, raise awareness and generate interest in animal welfare and conservation issues, particularly amongst young people across the world.

AAW carries IFAW's core message of animal welfare and conservation across countries and generations. It reaches a wide base of school children and educators generating thought and awareness at different levels. It packages animal welfare sensibilities in an exciting and understandable format - reaching out to young minds to trigger interest, action and  involvement. 

IFAW and Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) have been conducting the Animal Action Week for school children in India since 2003. Participating schools receive a free education activity pack, film (VCD) and other AAW material every year on a globally common theme. This instructional pack can be adapted  for varied classroom use - from science and environment lessons to drama and writing. Co-curricular activities - debates, quiz competitions, painting and essay competitions etc are also arranged as part of the AAE activities.

Two of the best entries from the Animal Action Week competitions are selected to be awarded the IFAW Young Achiever's prize. The award now comprises a certificate and a cash prize. 

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