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Hunt for Hangul
Published by Mansoor Nabi Sofi and Riyaz Ahmed, 01 Mar 2009
Establishing the presence of Hangul outside Dachigam National Park, Jammu & Kashmir - An interim report on Hangul survey conducted by Wild Species Programme of the Wildlife Trust of India supported by Department of Wildlife Protection, Governemnt of Jammu & Kashmir
This survey was conducted from October to January 2009 with the aim of collecting information from historical sites reporting presence of hangul from Jammu and Kashmir. The survey excluded Dachigam National Park, where a well established population is already known to exist. The survey team visited 33 sites in the North, South and Central Wildlife Divisions and interviewed local people, hunters and security forces who patrol the area. Further, evidences in the form of antlers also indicated the presence of hangul in those areas. On the basis of the interviews and indirectevidences, the team could gather information about the presence of hangul in 17 sites, some used exclusively in winter and others during summer. Some sites harboured hangul all through the year.

The next pahse of this survey will now concentrate on these sites and through physical surveys, confirm the distribution reports through direct sightings. Efforts will also be made to obtain some forms of abundance so that important sites may be prioritized for protection.

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