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India at IWC
Published by Vassili Papastavrou, 01 May 2004
A Policy Document on India’s involvement in the International Whaling Congress 1981-2003
This Occasional Report of the Wildlife Trust of India and the International Fund for Animal Welfare aims to chronicle the consistent conservation stance of India at the International Whaling Commission meetings for more than two decades. It is intended as a briefing booklet for officials and NGOs who may attend such meetings in the future so that the historical context to any Indian intervention is well known. It is clear that India has adopted a uniformly pro-conservation and antiwhaling position and other countries could also draw inspiration from the recorded interventions of India, which has opposed whaling philosophically, ecologically and economically.

As the speeches of the delegates on the floor of the house are recorded verbatim, there is no textual addition to them and such passages are reproduced in full from the Verbatim Records (VR). It is hoped that making these  records available to the delegates of the IWC will help inform the debate and serve as an archival reference. Vassili Papastavrou of IFAW has done yeoman’s service in putting these records together.

Vivek Menon
Executive Director, WTI
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